Podcasts of the BRAKC symposium
Sanity, Madness and the Family / Family Life: an urgent retrospective
24 April 2015
1pm – 9pm
Featuring Jacqui Dillon, Robbie Duschinsky, Suman Fernando, Amber Jacobs, Oliver James, Lucy Johnstone, Chris Oakley, Lynne Segal, Anthony Stadlen

Podcast of  Digital Communities: Literature and the Internet in France by Dr. Nina Parish (University of Bath), 31 January 2011. 

Podcasts of the BRAKC International Conference
Picturing the Family: Media, Narrative, Memory
10 and 11 July 2014
featuring Martha Langford, Annette Kuhn, Daniela Berghahn



Podcast of Fire Walk with Me: Trauma, Catharsis and the Fantasy of Fantastical Kinship
23 May 2014
Andrew Asibong (author of Mameluke Bath, 2013) and Hannah Eaton (author of Naming Monsters, 2013) discuss the impact of David Lynch’s frequently dismissed 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me on their work, and consider Lynch’s importance for imaginative reponses to trauma, fantasy and catharsis.

Podcasts of Animal-Human Kinship and Community in French Literature
Featuring Andrew Billing, Macalester College, St Paul, Minnesota
“Political Anthropology and its Animal Other in Rousseau”
and Shirley Jordan, Queen Mary College, University of London
“Hospitality and the Animal World in Marie NDiaye”
Friday 5 July 2013

Videocast of Ron Peck and Paul Hallam, directors of 1978 British film classic “Nighthawks“, in conversation with Dr Andrew Asibong and audience, 25 January 2013, Birkbeck Cinema.



Podcast of BRAKC Poetry Reading & Discussion
Acclaimed Welsh poet Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch reads from her brand new collection of poems, Banjo (Picador) and anwers questions about the art of writing on the themes of kinship and community.
13 June 2012

Videocasts of An afternoon of performances by Pierre Alferi, Jérôme Game, Nathalie Quintane, 9 March 2012, Birkbeck Cinema.

Podcast of Liberté, Egalité et Homoparenté by Kim Everett (University of Greenwich), 26 October 2011. In English.



Podcast of The Philosophy of Humanitarian Intervention by Professor Cécile Fabre (Lincoln College, Oxford), 17 October 2011.

Podcasts of the BRAKC International Conference of 2011, Visions of the ‘Coming Community’/Visions de « la Communauté qui Vient », 30 June and 1 July 2011. Rémi Astruc, Jeremy Biles, Jérôme Game, Jean-Frédéric Hennuy, Jane Hiddleston, Abdoulaye Imorou, Morgane Leray, Nikolaj Lubecker, Laura McMahon. For titles, see the programme in Conferences.

Podcast of Reading the Queer Will by Dr. Daniel Monk (Birkbeck), 23 June 2011.