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  • A Dialogue on Louis-Ferdinand Céline
    23 May 2022
    Damian Catani’s biography of the controversial French novelist Louis-Ferdinand Céline was published by Reaktion Books in September 2021. Damian is in conversation with acclaimed French novelist Michaël Ferrier, on the question of whether it is possible to separate the art from the artist when the artist has as abhorrent political views as Céline had, especially considering the fact that his novels drew so much on his own life. However, the debate does not focus solely on this aspect of Céline; it will also explore the literary impact of the novelist.

  • What can Poetry do for Community? – Roundtable discussion
    5 July 2021
    What discourse does current poetic practice generate on community? Each guest speaker gives a five-minute talk. This is followed by a discussion and then by questions and comments from the audience .
    Guest Speakers are poets Sarona Abuaker, Kayombo Chingonyi, Jérôme Game, Fran Lock, Matt Martin

  • Jean-Luc Nancy à BRAKC – Un trop humain virus (2020) Discussion
    17 December 2020
    Roundtable discussion with French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy about his latest book and the coronavirus pandemic. With Irving Goh (NUS, Singapore), Ian James (Cambridge, UK), Rémi Astruc (Université de Cergy-Pontoise, France) and Nathalie Wourm (Birkbeck, UK).

  • “The Scattered Community of the Eclipsed”: Paradigms of Belonging in the Wake of the 2020 Pandemic
    17 June 2020
    Roundtable discussion around a short film – with Irving Goh (NUS, Singapore), Ian James (Cambridge, UK), Élodie Laugt (St Andrews, UK), Fabienne Martin (CNRS, France), Cory Stockwell (Bilkent, Turkey), Nathalie Wourm (Birkbeck, UK), Damian Catani (Birkbeck, UK).

  • Podcasts of the BRAKC symposium
    Sanity, Madness and the Family / Family Life: an urgent retrospective
    24 April 2015
    1pm – 9pm
    Featuring Jacqui Dillon, Robbie Duschinsky, Suman Fernando, Amber Jacobs, Oliver James, Lucy Johnstone, Chris Oakley, Lynne Segal, Anthony Stadlen.

  • Podcast of  Digital Communities: Literature and the Internet in France by Dr. Nina Parish (University of Bath), 31 January 2011. 

  • Podcasts of Animal-Human Kinship and Community in French Literature
    Featuring Andrew Billing, Macalester College, St Paul, Minnesota, “Political Anthropology and its Animal Other in Rousseau” and Shirley Jordan, Queen Mary College, University of London, “Hospitality and the Animal World in Marie NDiaye”
    Friday 5 July 2013

  • Videocast of Ron Peck and Paul Hallam, directors of 1978 British film classic “Nighthawks“, in conversation with Dr Andrew Asibong and audience, 25 January 2013, Birkbeck Cinema.

  • Podcast of BRAKC Poetry Reading & Discussion
    Acclaimed Welsh poet Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch reads from her brand new collection of poems, Banjo (Picador) and anwers questions about the art of writing on the themes of kinship and community.
    13 June 2012