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BRAKC Exhibition
8 January – 10 February 2018: Replaced Lives
The Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck


Some of the artworks by artists Trish Roberts, Jan Bastow, Catherine Guy-Murrell, and Ros Ingham.
Exhibition details
Launch pictures

Trish Roberts, Reclamation

Jan Bastow, ‘The Three Disgraces’ (2017)

Catherine Guy-Murrell, ‘There are other ways of seeing’ series (2016)

Ros Ingham, ‘There is a season’ (2016)

Ros Ingham, Kintsugi

Jan Bastow, detail of ’20th Century Pandora’ (2016)

Trish Roberts, ‘Guardian’ (2017)

Catherine Guy-Murrell, Displacement (detail)

Catherine Guy-Murrell, ‘There are other ways of seeing’ series (2016)

Trish Roberts, detail of ‘Reclamation’ (2017)

Ros Ingham, ‘Under the Same Sky’ (2016)

Sanity, Madness and the Family, an Urgent Retrospective Conference, 2015


Photographs of the speakers and audience during the April 2015 symposium in the Birkbeck Cinema. Pictures, in no particular order, are of Jacqui Dillon, Robbie Duschinsky, Suman Fernando, Amber Jacobs, Oliver James, Lucy Johnstone, Chris Oakley, Lynne Segal, Anthony Stadlen, and host, Andrew Asibong.


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Edited volume

Family Ties: Reframing Memory, BRAKC Exhibition, July 3rd to 25th 2014


Alongside the July 2014 BRAKC conference “Picturing the Family: Media, Narrative, Memory”, BRAKC organised an exhibition in the Peltz Gallery, of artworks by the Family Ties Network. Artists featured were Suze Adams, Nicky Bird, Jacqueline Butler, Rosy Martin, Lizzie Thynne, and Sally Waterman.


Edited volume


Peltz Gallery – 1, July 2014


Peltz Gallery – 2, July 2014


Peltz Gallery – 3, July 2014


Below, some of the works presented by the artists at the conference.


Sally Waterman, ‘Against’, Still, 2014


Nicky Bird, ‘Beneath the Surface/Hidden Place’, 2007-10


Sally Waterman ‘PastPresent No.3’


Lizzie Thynne, ‘On the Border’, Still, 2012

Rosy Martin, In Situ


 Visions of the “Coming Community” Conference, 2011



Conference Poster by Hannah Eaton

An artist-led, action-based research project was organised by London artists Orly Orbach ( and David Gunn, in collaboration with BRAKC. The project took inspiration from the papers of the conference, using this as a basis to explore the connections between academic theory and a wide range of practice-based approaches to the concept of community, and potential areas of innovation within contemporary arts. This experimental process also resulted in a series of objects and works that were exhibited during the course of the conference.


The forum/workshop
Wednesday 22 June 2011, 43 Gordon Square, 6pm to 9pm
This was a semi-structured session involving members of the community, with opportunities for group discussion & reflection. It was facilitated by Orly Orbach and David Gunn.


The conference exhibition
30 June – 1 July 2011
Room 103, Clore Management Centre, Torrington Square, London WC1 7HX
This featured objects and works based on the conference abstracts.

Objects of Participation, Methods of Interaction

In response to the Birkbeck Conference ‘Visions of the Coming Community’, Orly Orbach and David Gunn organised and facilitated a workshop for people who work in a community setting in order to bridge theoretical research and practice, and create a space for professionals to share experiences and reflect on their methodologies for collaborative interactions. In the workshop participants brought an object that in some way represents a collaborative process or interaction in a community setting. These objects were used to introduce participants to each other. At first participants had to reflect on how their object is an emblem of success, representing an achievement of community interaction. They later had to consider how their object could also represent an emblem of ‘failure’, and consider possible shortcomings of their project of approach, sharing their surprises, disappointments, lessons. By encouraging participants to talk about failures as well as success stories, we hoped to enable more critical and honest conversations to flourish. Participants were given extracts and quotes from the conference speakers’ abstracts and asked to reflect on them, writing and sketching their reaction on top of the speakers’ notes. The exhibition coincided with the conference and included written thoughts, transcribed conversations, drawings and the scanned objects of participation from the workshop. In the last exercise participants were asked to invent a tool that would help them improve or develop their methods of interaction in a community setting. The exhibition coincided with the conference and included written thoughts, transcribed conversations, drawings and the scanned objects of participation from the workshop.

Orly Orbach – The Reject Before the Community 1


People 1 by Orly Orbach

Orly Orbach – The Reject Before the Community 2


People 2 by Orly Orbach

Orly Orbach – The Reject Before the Community 3

Orly Orbach – The Failure of Community…